spring project


This is my (what started out as) spring project, now my fall project, trying to put together a quilt made with recycled fabric (old T-shirts, old/shrunk sweaters, etc.). The top photo is what I started already, some cool design ideas. The other three pictures are what a friend of mine (who inspired me to start this project) has already achieved. This project, currently just random pieces of fabric lying around on my ‘sewing desk’ in my ‘creative project room’ downstairs, is like a constant reminder of what’s wrong with my life.

Literally for over 6 months, I just kept telling myself “when I have time I’ll get to the project and finish my quilt.” It’s also a reminder that I should prioritize my life better, take care of my mental well-being, and spend more time away from my work desk and doing fun, creative stuff.

So starting next weekend (not this weekend, because I’ll be traveling), this is one of the fun things I want to be spending more time doing, instead of being stressed about work. Now that it’s the long rainy season, I’m looking forward to being more active in my ‘creative project room’!


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