Monthly Archives: September 2010

not necessarily so

Not What It Seems

The phrase “not necessarily so” represents an attitude, ideal and philosophy that I think offers a great piece of advice for life. I came across this advice in a book (written by a writer who graduated from the college I went to – which I think initially was the reason why I wanted to read the book) about personal struggles with life’s various challenges and road blocks, and lessons on how the mind perceives, interprets, and even shapes our experiences. As a famous (interpretative) quote says, “shit happens” (Buddha) in life. But most of the time, it’s really up to us to shape and reshape the seemingly stressful or frustrating situations we find ourselves in. “Nothing is going well in my life“? Well, what are YOU doing to change it? “There’s no way I can achieve that“? Well, that’s because YOU’ve already made up your mind not even to give it a try.

It’s with this in mind that I hope to share my random thoughts and small ideas that may give some inspirations, whether it’s finding joy in life’s simple pleasures or finding courage to take a big step towards positive change.