Monthly Archives: November 2007

because you can never have too much

…yoga in your life

I’ve recently discovered a really cute yoga studio near my apartment, and after going to 3 classes in the past 4 days, I’m officially hooked. LOVE that it’s 2 minutes from my place door to door. LOVE the teachers (the two I’ve had so far are two of my all time favorites). LOVE the gong my Kundalini teacher uses for relaxation/meditation and its out of this world sound that really takes you to a difference place. LOVE the repetition of ‘pain and pleasure’ that keeps me focused. LOVE the sensation in my muscles and nerves that I get from pushing myself beyond where I would usually stop…

Back in collage I used to go to the gym by myself when I wanted to spend some time just thinking about life. There was something really meditating about being in the water and having to move (I couldn’t stop because the pool was quite deep). And I think I’ve found my ‘pool’ at the yoga studio. I haven’t really learned to think nothing when I meditate, but I enjoy and feel really relaxed and energized from letting my mind wander freely, without fear and without worries.

And sometimes, it just so happens that I find myself contemplating things like the creative force of the universe and such, lying on the floor in a little studio in this little corner of town.

I tried carving a pumpkin for the first time this Halloween. Not bad, huh!